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No One Knows the Weight of Another’s Burdens

Have you ever seen what looks like a healthy person, park their car in handicap parking? See it all the time, right? Ever see the elder one shovel the driveway while the kids just sit around? Do you ever wonder why someone isn’t pulling their weight at work?

But, no one know the weight another person carries. These could be physical or emotion weights. The issue is that we DON’T KNOW! And we will probably not have compassion for people until we under go the same trial.

There are many physical issues that people suffer that are not apparent on the outside. A person could have severe lung disease and not be able to walk more than a few feet. You might not notice that fact, just that they look OK.

I taught a health lecture in an asbestos abatement program for while. How to you demonstrate lung disease. Well I bought an abdominal binder. I would get a volunteer to come up to the front of the class. I put the binder on their chest and asked them to run in place. They couldn’t do it for very long… because they couldn’t breathe.

People can have heart problems or diabetic neuropathy that makes it difficult to walk. They might not look very sick but they are sick.

There are other burdens people carry. It could be loss of child, spouse, friend or parent. What about the loss of a dream, a job, a home, a favored object? What about abuse? There is physical abuse. There is bullying, What about the psychological/emotional abuse. Let’s not forget people and families who have been affected by bombs, shootings, floods, earthquakes, etc. All of these and more make every day difficult.

There is a LOT of nasty stuff out there. I am sure that you have had your share as I have had mine.

Yet people get up every day and do what they need to do to survive and thrive. God bless us all…

Remember to be kind. Don’t judge. Be gracious with sending love. You don’t know what the person next to you is carrying. Be uplifting to them.

May blessings flow to you and lighten your load too. 🙂

P.S.: If you are suffering, don’t go it alone. Please, get help. You are worth it.

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