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50 Things I am Thankful For…

Cats in windowToday is a great day to be thankful, lest we forget all the bounty we already have.

50 things I am thankful for:

This breath
The chair I am sitting on
The computer
Ultimate Blog Challenge in April
Wonderful dinner of hake, roasted potatoes, asparagus
Warm sunny spring day
60 degrees 🙂
Helping my husband make up packets
Molly and Josh
Church community
Many friends
Singing with the choir today
Having a Solo
Great coffee and real cream
Sleeping with the cats
Having the cats wake you up at the right time
Heating pads
1st Bike ride of spring
Getting paid
Eating breakfast with my sweetie at a local diner
Red Lobster
My Sons
My Family… all of them (the whole lot!)
My Sisters
My Brothers
Trip to Florida
Getting rectified in CPR
Real fresh squeezed orange juice
Meeting with my coach
Getting an idea
Starting a project
Finishing a project
Talking on the phone
Books on my iPhone
EZ Pass
On line banking
Birds (even tho I have cats)
Clean house
The ability to clean my house
Giving talks
Membership Committee at the Chamber
Chamber luncheon
Reading books the regular way
Smell of books
Essential Oils
Hot showers
Green tea
More chocolate
Good nights sleep
Being healthy
Having blue eyes
Being left handed
Jake and Rocky
And so much more…

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