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Patience, Sometimes the Angles are Playing With You

Did you ever have one of those days? Well about two months ago I had “one of those days” and I want to share it with you. This is a story in learning to trust your Angles.

This story revolves around these keys and the remote to be exact. On Saturdays, my husband and I like to go out to breakfast and then run errands. On this particular Saturday, we ate at “Red Robin” a little dinner in our neighborhood. We can get breakfast for under $10! What a deal.

I was driving. I unlocked the car via the remote as we are walking towards the car. We get in and drive to the grocery store. When I get out of the car, and try and lock it via the remote, the remote is GONE!

Gone! Not there! Disappeared! Nada mas!

We both searched the car and the parking lot. I drove back to the restaurant. There we checked the parking lot and I inquired with with waitress. No luck.

I was between two feelings. One was shame at loosing a $100++ remote. The other was… I am not sure what it was. Sort of “lets wait and see”. I had a hunch that I might see the remote again.

I decided to go with the latter feeling and I did not get hot and bothered. I became curious as to how the remote would come back to me.

Well it did come back this past week. My son borrowed the car. He found it on the driver’s side floor. I had thought that the casing had broken away from the connecting loop as my husband had to drill an extra hole. But it was intact.

I think this was a test. We do get tested. It is important to trust our unseen friends. We may need them sometime and can’t learn that in the heat of a disaster.

I passed! 🙂

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