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When the Universe Says “Stop”

That is where I am. The universe has said “Stop”. There is nothing moving for me at this time. Clients have stopped coming. Students have stopped signing up for classes. My book partner is steadfastly refusing to work on the book which we are so close to finishing. I spoke with a teacher of mine about being in her internet marketing mentor program. She asked me some questions and then told me to think about it for the next month! Hmmm.

I am very frustrated. However, I do know that we can get clues as to what our next action should be by what is happening around us.

Did you ever here the story by Carolyn Myss where she talks about someone being pissed off because they where stopped by the train or traffic jam etc. We have appointments that we are scheduled to keep. If you where not stopped by the train, you might miss an important chance meeting.

I have a hunch that I need to really slow down right now. I don’t know why or for what. I left nursing last fall and I was taking this time to do things I have not been able to accomplish.

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Forgiveness-Space of Love

How do you create a space of love for forgiveness?

Did you know that the energy of the heart is 5000 times stronger and bigger that the energy of the brain? Yep. Lots of time, the brain is running the works. Today I am giving you the invitation to move into your heart.

There is a scale of emotions. The lowest vibration is shame and the highest vibration is bliss. The first thing is to look at where you are emotionally right now.

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For the last several weeks, I have been working on a forgiveness project. I have been pushed by Spirit to do this for some time. Why “Forgiveness”? And why now?

I don’t really know. We have always been invited to live a forgiving life. Some of us do, many of us don’t. So, I am wondering what I have left to forgive. You did know that teachers talk about what they need to learn the most. :).