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What Do You Do When Everything Stops?

I have had a very interesting January 2012. Everything has stopped! Yes,I mean that. Life has very much slowed down for me. What do you do when everything either slows way down and/or stops? …You blog!

5 Tips for Successful Forgiveness

Last fall, I left my hospice nursing position to pursue my interest in energy healing. The part-time (really full time) job was diverting me from my goals. I was being limited as to how much I could do energy healing for our patients and I was told that I could no longer teach. Hmmm?!

I would say that was a very strong invitation from the universe to leave. Luckily, I had the space to do that, so I did leave.

I started to work at Emma’s Center in Harrisburg, PA in the fall. I was reasonably busy for just returning to Harrisburg. But, that dwindled for me as well as the center as the end of the year approached. My friend asked me to hold off for the rest of the winter. She has a bunch of unusual happenings at home and needs to attend to them without another practitioner around. Hmmm.

In December, I returned to Japan to teach my basic healing class. It was a fantastic trip. The 5 day workshop sold out. The personal sessions also sold out. I had waiting lists for both, something that I have desired for some time. Thank you. Everything went well and smoothly. (No earth changes like in March 2011).

Did you every want to write a book? I did. About 2 years ago I wrote an ebook “Healthy Weight Loss For Boomer Women” for an internet course I did at the time. Sold a couple of copies. Still a good read. I am working on another book with a girl friend. We are almost done. She has to stop for the time being. Overwhelm in her life.
I am proceeding with getting the web site up and publishing in line for the big day. Currently, she has no time to talk or work on the book. It is so close. Hmmm.

What do you do? I started off with a goal sheet for the year. Albeit the book and practice have been moved back.

I have done a cleanse for the month. Why not clean out the insides. Check that out here: The cleanse has required that I nap during the day. Running at full tilt for a long time will probably required an extended period of down time. I guess that now is the time.

Next I have decided to work on several projects. I will be working on my Health Works Energy Healing classes both basic updates and the advanced program.

Also, I am working on increasing my presence on the internet via blogs, and articles. I did my first video last week! It is 5 tips for Successful Forgiveness.

What do you do when everything stops? Take a break. Step back. And punt!

My all of you have a fabulous 2012.

Blessings, Mary Pat

Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN MS writes on energy healing, spiritual issues and healthy life style.

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