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Job Loss Day 23

Being the wife of the recently freed up husband is quite a journey. Job loss sucks, if you will.  I did this 2 years ago and I don’t really care to do this again. I am feeling as life is very out of control and very stressed. Oh, the uncertainty. I am noticing my mood swinging more than it usually does. One day I am happy and the next I am in doom and gloom.

We can make up all kinds of stories based on  a perceived situation that is unfolding in life. Ya have ta watch what movies your preplay. According to the Law of Attraction, we are what we think about. In fact, my tag line on my business brochure is “We are more than what we see and we are what we believe”. I want to have really possitive preplays. But some days it can be very hard to do that. So I work on suspending my thoughts.

With that being said, I had several insights last weekend.

Tea Bags. Tea, black tea, green tea, red tea, white tea, herb tea… They are just leaves. They don’t release their goodness untill you put them in hot water. I was steeping some tea and smelling the sweet scent. I was noticing the tea infusing the water. First it was the clear hot water and tea bag. Slowly the color, fragrence spread slowly through the water. Finally the tea is steeped and ready to drink. Ah, wonderful. I was thinking about my current evolving situation.  I am wondering if I have been in enought hot water to release my essence (or if I have more coming).

The other insight: The last several weeks we have been leveling the cottage. Over time buildings settle. They may settle more on one side and less on another side. It was really quite of process to wittness, and feel. The cottage is 100 years old. It has been in our family all that time. The west side needed to be raised 3″ and the east side needed 7″. I found that I could not walk inside the building. I kept triping over my feet, particularly in the dinning room and kitchen. In fact, I ran into the refrigerator every time I walked in the kitchen for the first day. It was rather humorus.

When you are making changes (you initiate or the universe initiates), your life becomes unstable. Hopefulle, the process will make you more balanced in the end. In the case above, I was used to walking on uneven floors. I had no problem walking on the uneven floors. But when we leveled the cottage, I couldn’t walk for a day or so. I had to get used to the new way. A level cottage will support it for a much longer life. Lets extrapolate this further. If you give up coffee, it will be a rough several days/weeks until you get used to the new pattern. You will be healthier for the adventure, but it will be a challange going through the change. It won’t feel right. You want that coffee. All you can think about is that coffee. You can’t go by your favorite coffee shoppe. But, if you stick with it, it will be come the new pattern and you won’t even think about coffee. Being the wife of the newly unemployed freed up husband, I am walking very uncertain terrain. My life is going through some kind of leveling. It is very scary. I might trip up, probably will trip up sometimes. If I keep on doing the next right thing, one day at a time, I/we will get through this to some end. It will be the best for all concerned. When I get through this, I will be more balanced. I will have more of my self.  Remind me of this on some of those “bad” days. 🙂

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