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New Year-New Plan 2011

There are 4 things that I will do in the new year for my health. they are diet, exercise, meditation/relaxation and work.

1. I have been playing around with macrobiotic meals. I am incorporating usually 6-7 meals a week. My plan is to start eating macrobiotic for the month January to see how it goes. Big challenges here are no coffee…(I LOVE coffee and real cream), how do I do a macro lunch when I never have time to stop for lunch (usually a PBJ driving between pt’s?)

2. I also plan on bumping up my exercise time as that has fallen off (like off the planet, LOL). So here goes: minimum of 30minutes per day of walking, elliptical or DVD exercise 6 days a week.

3. Meditation/relaxation. I have been doing progressive relaxation 1-2x day. I will continue that. I am now noticing how tense I keep my insides and I can make the choice to relax. If feels very different. I will keep going until I don’t tense my insides.

4. Work only my scheduled hours. I love my patients and co-workers. I have been working extra to try and meet everybody’s needs. Now it is time to strike a balance between what I think their needs are and what my needs are. I have been under a lot of stress the last 2-3 years. It is time to change and take care of myself. Otherwise I will get sick. Trust me, there is no one who can take care of me like I can! Besides, who wants to create illness to have the excuse to finally take care of themself???? It is really easier to just take care of yourself and leave off the illness.

What is your New Year resolution? So what if you have to adjust after the new year. You will never move ahead if you refuse to make changes.

Blessings for the Best Year Ever.
Mary Pat

Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN, MS


Stress and Choice

Do you suffer from stress? Do you feel overworked and under loved? Are you worried about something? We all have moments of course. The question is, what do you do with the worries and stress. There are things in life you can’t change. You can change your attitude and thoughts. You have choice.

How do you choose to not let stress over run you? That is a very good question. Here are some of the way’s I am using to distress.

1. Take some deep breaths. When we are in a stressful situation, we tend to hold our breath. This causes physiological changes that prepare us to run or fight. Much of the time, neither of these are possible choices. In the “conflict” we hold our breath or we shallow and fast. Take some deep breaths. It will change your body response to a situation and allow you the best level for choice of action.

2. Meditation. There are many ways to meditate. A simple meditation is to sit still for 10-20 minutes and focus on your breath, the IN breath, the OUT breath and the Space between the breath. It will quiet you on all levels. You will have many thoughts come to visit. Just let them pass by.

3. I have used Centerpointe’s Awakening program for about 6 years. I am at Flowering level 2. I have 2 more levels to go. They use sound to restructure the brain. It helps with depression and decreasing stress. I highly recommend it.

4. I have recently started a Heart Math program called EmWave. It uses your heart rate and rhythm to calculate your coherency. You want to be coherent with yourself. It is a computer program that uses visual games and sounds as a biofeedback mechanism to teach you how to get into and maintain a coherent state. This is great for blood pressure, stress and other related issues.

5. Self talk. You have choice over your thoughts, emotions and self talk. What we think and feel is what we are. Thoughts and emotions produce our current experience. Don’t like your current experience, change your thoughts.

We have CHOICE. We choose our thoughts and emotions. Make the choice for better, lighter thoughts and loving emotions and you will have a better life experience.

Blessings, Mary Pat

Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN MS writes on leading edge topics concerning choice, and real life walk to enlightenment.