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Succeed or Fail Based on Emotions…

April 2nd, 2013 · No Comments

Did you know that your success or failure is related to your emotions? Yes.

Did you know that you can choose your emotions? Yes you can.Lets talk about emotions. And lets define emotions verses feelings. I would define “feelings” as an in the moment upwelling of a body/mind sense like anger, frustration, joy, etc. These are temporary. They serve as guide as we traverse the trails of life.

Emotions are all the “feelings” that are expanded. We take a “feeling”, create a story and a state that we find ourselves. People can be depressed or angry or happy. I take “emotions” as a more intense, longer time period than “feelings”, though they are similar.

Emotions are vibrations, much like notes on a piano. Some are lower and some are higher. In the piano, the notes make a song and symphony. Emotions create the symphony of our lives. Some times we are singing in minor scales and other times in the majors scales.

Emotions have a hierarchy. Shame is lower that depression which is lower than fear. Or Love is higher than willingness which is higher than courage.

There are great books on this topic. Power Vs. Force by David Hawkins. Molecules of Emotion by C. Pert. And books by Esther Hicks.

The thing is… we draw to us like unto us. So if we are sad and depressed, all we can draw to us are events that are sad and depressed. In this state, life is a struggle. We work hard, do not get anywhere and stay sad and give up. Giving up brings us closer to failure.

If we are happy and confident, we will draw situations to us that add to our happiness. In this state life is easy. We work… not to hard, get a lot done. We feel good. People like us and we are willing to do it again. Having fun with a project and doing it again and again, brings us closer to our goals.

So consider getting out of your sad, mad state and move up to curious, willingness and happy for a better life.

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