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Message from Masaru Emoto, Author of “Message from Water”

March 2nd, 2010 · No Comments

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      Message from Masaru Emoto, Author of “Message from Water”

   Announcement of “Water & Peace” Global Forum 2010 at Lake Biwa
                 March 20-22, 2010
                 Biwako Hall, Otsu City, Shiga, Japan


To Those Whose Body Is Mainly Composed Of WATER:

I am Masaru Emoto, a missionary of water and an author of “Message from
Water” and “The Hidden Messages in Water”.

Recently, many forums and conferences have been organized with water as
its main theme. Yet, most of them are focusing only the physical aspect
of water.

However, in addition to the physical body, we have the mind (and spirit).

We have learned from water itself, through “Message from Water”, that water is not only essential to our body but also it has an intimate relationship to our mind.

In other words, water is the mirror to reflect our mind.

As a matter of fact, we believe that the abnormal weather conditions such as floods and droughts and natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes are caused by the pollution of water on Earth, which in turn is ultimately brought by the distortion and disharmony in our mind, thoughts and emotions.

Other serious problems in politics, economy, education, medicine and so on are also concerned with the mind of our collective consciousness, and therefore it can be said that water is ultimately involved in all of those problems.

Don’t you think that we can take a step toward the solution of these water-related problems by considering the aspect of water which is connected with our mind, thoughts and emotions?

For this purpose, we have decided to hold “Water & Peace” Global Forum 2010 at Lake Biwa, Mother Lake in Japan, on March 20 to 22 (March 22 is the World Water Day declared by the United Nations).

Musicians and artists who understand water deeply will perform their music, dance and art.

World?famous Scientists and spiritual leaders such as Konstantin Korotkov, Eric Pearl and Lynne McTaggart will give us a special lecture and demonstration.

Especially, Konstantin and Lynne will organize several live experiments that will scientifically prove that our consciousness affects water.

There will be also a lecture on a completely novel method to extract energy from liquid water by a Japanese researcher Ryushin Ohmasa.

Religious leaders with a tight connection with myself such as Master Chin Kung and Lin Hsien-Tsung will support this Forum very significantly.

At the closing ceremony, all the participants will pray for the water of Lake Biwa and the whole world with our sincere Love and Gratitude at the closing ceremony in the presence of Shintoism priests and Buddhism monks.

The energy of our Love and Gratitude will be amplified and expanded by the power of the Golden Pyramid of Peace, which is presented by our co-organizer Gudni Gudnason, and carried to every corner of this planet.

This will be the world’s first Water Forum of this kind with “Water & Peace” as its main theme. After this Forum, our consciousness toward water will be elevated significantly, and the water on this planet will be changed completely and become crystal clear!

There will be a new vortex of energy, like a pair of dragon gods, emerging from Lake Biwa to create a world of Truth and Great Harmony.

According to the latest news, we will be honored by the presence of Princess Martha Louise of Norway at the Forum. Also, Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, will send us his official message regarding this Forum.

Would you please join us in this Forum and become one of those who co-create this historical moment?

If, unfortunately, you could not come to Lake Biwa and attend this Forum directly, we would really appreciate if you could send us a donation to show your intention that you agree with the purpose of this Forum and support this Forum financially.

For each one of you who have made a donation, we will prepare a bottle of water with your name on it and put it under the Golden Pyramid of Peace during the ceremony so that the amplified energy of Love and Gratitude will come to you through the water.

We would be grateful if you could send your prayer of Love and Gratitude to Water on March 22 simultaneously with our prayer ceremony in the Forum.

You will experience by yourself the energetic connection of Love and Gratitude through the water with you.

In addition, if you are interested in spreading the Truth of Water to the general public, we strongly recommend you to attend the International HADO Instructor School which will be held on March 23
and 24 at Lake Biwa and learn the Secret of Water directly from myself.

We are also honored that Princess Martha Louise of Norway kindly accepted our request to become one of the lecturers in this School.

This will be an extremely rare opportunity for you to learn HADO and spirituality from Princess Martha Louise.

Those who have already taken this School in the past are welcome as a repeater with half price.

Request to you:
It would be greatly appreciated if you could transfer this e-mail to
those people who will be interested in this world’s first Water Forum.

Also, we would be very happy if you could submit this e-mail to BBS or
quote in your BLOG.

Thank you in advance.

 With Love and Gratitude,

Masaru Emoto, Missionary of Water

Lake Biwa Event

 Lake Biwa Event (Gudni Gudnason)


Outline of the Forum


Title: “Water & Peace” Global Forum 2010 at Lake Biwa
Date: March 20 (Sat), 21 (Sun), 22 (Mon)
Venue: Biwako Hall – Theatre,
               15-1 Uchidehama, Otsu City, Shiga 520-0806, JAPAN


Hosted by: The Citizens’ Group to Foster World Peace & Modern Mystery School
Supported by: The Society to Create Bonds through the Water of Lake Biwa
Presented from: The Golden Pyramid of Peace

Admission Fee:  “Water & Peace” Global Forum 2010 at Lake Biwa
                 Forum: 300 US$ for the 3-day Forum
                 Mixer: 110 US$ (at 20:00 to 21?30 on Mar 21 at the
                                 Crystal Room of Hotel Piazza Biwako)
               International HADO Instructor School
                 Fee: 1,000 US$ (including a mixer on Mar 23 and 1-night stay at Hotel Piazza Biwako)
               International HADO Instructor School (Repeater)
                 Fee:   500 US$

 Outline of Forum

 Outline of International HADO Instructor School

  Schedule of Forum and International HADO Instructor School

Ticket Application


Important Note:
 If you try to reserve some hotel for your stay near Lake Biwa during  the Forum unsuccessfully, please let us know.

  We have made a reservation at several hotels.

   Kyoko Sugimoto / Yasuyuki Nemoto
   Office Masaru Emoto
   1-1-11-1F Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0052, JAPAN
   TEL:               +81-(0)3-3863-0216         +81-(0)3-3863-0216, FAX: +81-(0)3-3866-5353


                  S C H E D U L E   o f   F O R U M

   < 1st Day / Day of WIND>
   Sat, March 20, 2010 / 10:30 Door Open / 11:30 Start / 19:30 End

– Opening Ceremony Masaru Emoto (Office Masaru Emoto)

                   Gudni Gudnason (Modern Mystery School)

 – Music: Water is Life, etc.
                  Noboru Tenjo (Musician, Bamboo Flute and Synthesizer)

 – Dance “Message from Water”: The Blue Danube
                  Lisa Itakura (Actress, Dancer)

 – Lecture: What is Water?
                  Shoji Kubota (Director of Society for the Study of Water Design)

 – Lecture + Live Experiment: Does Water Listen to Music?
                  Konstantin Korotkov (Physicist, Russia)

 – Free Meditation in the Golden Pyramid of Peace

 – Music: Amazing Grace, etc. Aika (Sound Therapist)

 – Special Lecture: A New Fuel Born from Water to Save the Earth
                  Ryushin Ohmasa (President of Japan Techno Co Ltd)

 – Special Lecture: Theory of Quantum Water & Technology to Improve Water
                  Masaharu Takao (President of “Philosophy, Science and

 – Music: Water Song, etc.
                  Ryusuke & Hanayo Seto (Musician)

 – Ceremony: Calling in the Power of Air/Wind in the Golden Pyramid of Peace

   < 2nd Day / Day of SUN>
   Sun, March 21, 2010 / 9:30 Door Open / 10:00 Start / 19:30 End
                        20:00-21:30 Mixer

– Lecture: We Are All Water!
                  Gudni Gudnason (Modern Mystery School)

 – Music: Like Water, etc.
                  Mayana (Singer?Holland)

 – Lecture: Peace Imagined/Created by Voluntary People
                  Katsuhito Funai (President of Funai Head Office)

 – Lecture + Live Experiment: Does Consciousness Change Water?
                  Konstantin Korotkov (Physicist, Russia)

 – Message: Inspiration of Water, The World of Harmony
                  Maosen Zhong (Queensland University) on behalf of Master Chin Kung (Pure Land Learning Center, Taiwan)

 – Lecture: Genetic Mind Transformation
                  Lin Hsien-Tsung (President of Jing-Guan Spirit-Mind
                  Mentalism Science Research Institution, Taiwan)

 – Ceremony: Calling in the Power of Sun in the Golden Pyramid of Peace

 – Lecture: The 4th Wave – Advent of the Era of Water
                  Hikaru Deguchi (President of Mekiki-No-Kai)

 – Music: Now I Walk In Beauty, etc.
                  Ingeborg (Singer, Belgium)

 – Mixer 20:00-21:30
 Venue: Crystal Room of Hotel Piazza Biwako (110 US$)

   < 3rd Day / Day of WATER>
   Mon, March 22, 2010
   8:00-8:30 Ceremony to Send Love and Gratitude to Water
   9:30 Door Open / 10:00 Start / 19:10 End

– Ceremony to Send Love and Gratitude to Water 8:00-8:30
 Venue: Lakeshore in front of Biwako Hall, Admission Free
                  Masaru Emoto (Office Masaru Emoto)

                   Gudni Gudnason (Modern Mystery School)

 – Lecture: Purification of River and Lakes by EM Technology
                  Teruo Higa (Professor Emeritus of Ryukyu University,
                  Professor of Meio University)

 – Lecture + Live Experiment: Intention Experiment
                  Lynne McTaggart (Author of “The Field”, Journalist)

 – Video + Live Music: A Beautiful Watery Planet: Earth
                  Kenji Williams (NASA Earth Image Artist)

 – Lecture: World Crisis and Onisaburo Deguchi’s Ideology
                  Hiroshi Deguchi (President of Suiohsha Co., Ltd.)

 – Lecture + Live Demonstration: The Essence of Healing
                  Eric Pearl (Author of “The Reconnection”, Healer)

 – Lecture: TBA Princess Martha Louise (Princess of Norway,
                  Co-Founder of Astarte Education)
                  Elisabeth Samnoy (Co-Founder of Astarte Education)

 – Ceremony: Calling in the Power of WATER in the Golden Pyramid of
– Movie: Great Ajari Genshin Fuzinami Full Document
– Prayer for Water under Golden Pyramid of Peace
                  Itsuo Ikushima (Chief Priest of Chikubushima Shrine)

                   Genshin Fujinami (Ajari, Tendai Buddhism, Mt. Hiei)
                  Masaru Emoto (Office Masaru Emoto)
                  Gudni Gudnason (Modern Mystery School)
                  Konstantin Korotkov (Physicist, Russia)

– MC of Forum: Sara Shivani (Yoga Instructor)

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