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Adam Scott, “The Masters” and Life

Who is Adam Scott? What would Adam Scott and the Masters Golf tournament have to do with life?

That is a very good question. Follow me here. Have you every had a bad day or week or period in your life? It seems that nothing you do is working?

We all have those times. I have a project that I am working on. I don’t feel very confident about getting my goal. That is a problem in and of itself. But I am not the world’s best marketer. I have done what I can think of and more to reach the goal. I have been obsessing on missing the goal. “Woe is me,” I whine to myself. Then I stop myself. I refocus and do my next steps. Then I get an unexpected call and realize that I am making progress.

My husband is an avid golfer. We enjoyed dinner with family and friends and watched the 2013 Master’s tonight. This was an interesting Master’s Tournament this year. There was the 2 stroke penalty against Tiger Woods Friday after the play had stopped. He did not get disqualified but suffered a set back. He came back to tie for four place. I am sure he was rattled by the ruling. But he was able to focus on the ball and game to come back.

Leaders changed. It was down to Adam Scott from Australia. He had never won the Master’s. The other player was Cabrera who had won the tournament four years ago. It went to a 2 hole play off in the pouring rain. It was intense! Scott hit a birdie putt to win it.

After the tournament, Scott was interviewed. During the chat he said that he didn’t think about winning the tournament, he kept his focus on the hole he was playing.

I think that is what we have to do in life. Set you goals. But then focus on the “hole” or task you are playing. Keep focusing on your next step and you will reach your goal.

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Yes, focus and moving forward are definitely important. And, by the way, I appreciated among other things this statement: “Then I stop myself. I refocus and do my next steps. Then I get an unexpected call and realize that I am making progress.”

Stop. Refocus. Do. Good!

Have a great night!

The power in the ever unfolding truth of the present is second to none. It may be the goal to engage the truth. Intentions, goals, putts and chips fall where they may. In the cup was a nice place for Scott’s putt to fall! Results take care of themselves when we function in the zone, it seems.

I would agree that being committed to the outcome or reaching the goal is different than being attached to it and allows you to stay focused and on track through all the steps needed to get there. My dad had a saying,”As you wander on through life, whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the doughnut and not upon the hole.” It’s the same idea. Thanks for a great post!

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