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Thinking Outside the Box and Vision Boards

I read this great article: Six Ways to Think Outside the Box
by Kevin Eikenberry on August 2, 2010. Go and read it.

I am doing a vision board for my hospice. I am a staff RN and attempting to create a new vision for our hospice. It is an interesting place (in the pecking order) to do this work. It is easy for the staff to get bogged down in the day-to-day drama and forget that we are visioning.

Many years ago I tried this technique for generating ideas. I would put a question or problem statement on the top of a pad of paper. I would start writing possible solutions to my issue. I would write for 20 minutes. Then I would stop. The writing might look like: I could do “A”, I could do “b”, I could do “c”, this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, I could do “cdf” etc and so forth.

The most interesting thing happened. I started to get so many ideas. I could not stop them. I would get 100’s of ideas in a day. Some were great ideas and some far out. So what. At the time key people in my life just laughed at me. I let that stop me. I think that I will start doing this again.

Blessings, Mary Pat
Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN MS