Choices, What derails us from Healthy Choices

I am following a theme of “Choices” this year. I think that it is very important to realize that we all have “Choices.” Past choices will effect the number and quality of choices you have today. Past programing (traumas, successes, failures etc) will also effect the choices you have today.

If you don’t like how your life is right now, start changing the choices you are making.

Let’s talk about “past programing” and how this can effect your ability to make life supporting choices vs life deprecating choices. Choices that support a great life include actions that empower you, move you towards and into your dream life. The other types of Choices are the self limiting ones that result in struggle and pain and getting nowhere in your life, relationships, jobs etc.

When we feel good about our self, it is easier to make life giving choices. The converse is also true. When we feel bad about ourselves, it is easy to slip into choices that make life hard and result in a lot of pain.

Some times we could find our self in a position that the only good choice is in our attitude. That is the only place to start. We will bring to us what is inside of us. That is the Law of Attraction. If we feel miserable about self, life will reflect that “miserable” back to us in all kinds of unpleasant situations.  Change your altitude by changing your attitude. If you are sad and depressed, do something to make yourself laugh. You will start to feel the lightness. As you do, you can start appreciating what is good around you.

I sing and take voice lessons off/on over the years. I had a great voice teacher in Zanesville OH (Cassandra McDonald). When I moved to NY’s Southern Tier in spring of ’08 I had to find a new teacher. Moving is rather stressful. In fact it is very stressful. I just didn’t get around to finding a new teacher. I was getting very frustrated, as my voice has declined in the last year and a half. “Choice”…. do I want to sing or not? I finally stopped the excuses, called a great local opera singer/teacher (Judy Berry).

The first couple of lessons are getting to know you vocalizations exercises. This week we are working on intervals of Fifths (in Italian). I am practicing and practicing the Italian words. Then I read the translation. This was an angelic message for me (an maybe you too).

Here are the Italian words:
      Avezzo a vivere
      Senza conforto,
      Ancor nel porto
      Paventi il mar.

The translation:
     “Storm winds have threatened you,
     Fears have afflicted, 
     Now safe, protected, 
     You still fear the sea.

We all have traumas in life. They can leave scars. The scars can make it hard to create a life full of joy, excitement, love, relationships, opportunities and more.

The tunes message to me is stop fearing. I am safe. It is safe to pursue my dreams. Get up and do “something” towards my goals. The universe will help me, once I am moving. Oh, be grateful for everything.

What does this ditty mean to you?


Mary Pat

Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN MS

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