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Job loss day 29

Hell week on Earth School. Every thing that I attempted blew up this week. STRESS! There was chaos EVERYWHERE. One explosion would happen. I’d fall back to regroup only to have another mess. It was unbelievable. My home computer crashed. It was a black screen filled with ! ! ! ! ! and some unintelligible words then went totally black. The computer doc couldn’t find anything wrong. The work computer was also on the fritz. My personal and business cells phones died

new job

Job Loss Day 23

Being the wife of the recently freed up husband is quite a journey. Job loss sucks, if you will.  I did this 2 years ago and I don’t really care to do this again. I am feeling as life is very out of control and very stressed. Oh, the uncertainty. I am noticing my mood swinging more than it usually does. One day I am happy and the next I am in doom and gloom.

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