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Job loss journey Day 11

Last week I was giving emotional support to one of my hospice patients. The wife gave handed me a book by Marianne Williamson. I just opened the book. This is what it said:

“If you bring forth what is within you,

What you bring forth will save you.

If you do not bring forth what is within you,

What you do not bring forth will destroy you.

As attributed to Jesus Christ

The Gospel of Thomas

Well that rather blew me away. I think that I will keep this as my theme. Sometimes I have held back in life. The dreams I have for me, have been on hold for a long time. This week I will work on my Dream (Vision) Board. I realize that my family is in a pickle. But this might be the vinegar that gets me off my arse. I do like dill pickles.

An interesting suprise happened today. My son found a Course in Miracles group that started this afternoon. So we went. He will have to do this long distance. We have a small group of 5 that will meet by conference call or skype and the big group will meet every other Sunday. I have been through part of the lessons and text. I stopped during the last job loss. Maybe now it is time to get back on track.

Yesterday, my son and I canned tomatoes. One bushel yielded 21 quarts plus a few for eating. I have canned by myself but it is more fun and easier to do this project with others. To make this even more fun, we recorded it. I hope to have it up on U Tube by tomorrow night.

I did make a pot of sauce. It is amazing to watch a pot FULL of tomatoes, cook down to a 1/3 of a pot. My son would like to learn how to make egg plant parmigiana. Soprano’s is an Italian grocery in a town about an hour from here. When I am sent there to see patients, I bring my cooler. They have the best homemade pasta. I think that I will bring them out tomorrow night too.

It is late and I am tired.



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