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Job change journey

Well, today went well for me at work. I am a hospice nurse. Fitting. I assist patients and families through the process of dying. Now I can assist myself as this part of my life dies. Cosmic humor, I guess. That being said, I also look at myself as a midwife. The incoming soul waits with their angels and guides. Meanwhile the midwife and nurse monitor the Mother/baby. They prepare for the birth and do all the things that are needed in the process of birth. The other end of life is similar in a way. I monitor and assist my patient, and walk the path with them and their family physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When the blessed event comes to pass, they are birthed into the next life where the angels, guides and family meet them. Now it is time that I midwife my dreams into reality.

One of the things I am doing for work is heading a committee to do a Vision or Dream Board. This is an effort to help our unit run smoother with everybody feeling satisfied and happy with their contribution. I would like hospice to be the premiere unit for our hospital system. I have done Vision Boards for myself. I think that my husband and I need to do one together. Did you ever know that people teach what they need to learn the most. 🙂

My husband is diligently contacting his network, upgrading the resume, doing web searches for position postings, following up on calls etc. It is really different. Do you remember typing the cover letter and resume on premium paper? So much is done online. Just amazing.

I can’t believe this is happening. You think that it happens to someone else, out there. Never in my wildest dreams! But it is happening to us/me, John and Jane Q Public. We have worked hard our whole lives and raised and educated two fine young men. We have helped countless people along the way. Here we are, a few years short of retirement and basically S.O.L. Somehow I/we are going to need to go deep within to find our answers.

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