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Weight Loss – Is it the Never Ending Battle?

Fat? Getting fatter? Are you struggling with weight loss? You are not alone. So am I. I may have found a simple way to start weight loss and a way to maintain a desired weight.


As a young woman, I was always slender. One time, I noticed that I was up 5#. ??? That was curious. I reviewed what was different about my diet. What I noticed was that I had added a piece of pie to my dinner, every night. Hmmm. Apparently that was too much. I eliminated the pie and guess what… I returned to my normal weight (115-120#) within a couple of weeks.


The years passed. I had a couple of great kids. Life got busy. Exercise fell to an occasional experience in my life. My weight went up between 125 pounds. It seemed that through the decade of the 40’s, I added 10 pounds. I didn’t like that. However, Susan Weed (the herbalist) strongly suggests that you gain a minimum of 10 pounds before menopause. The fat cells hold the estrogen and it would make that journey easier. Ok, I was good with that.


In the last 6-7 years life has been very stressful. My husband has had the opportunity to explore new employment, which was successful. Both of these required moves to different states. I have had to find new work in both states. That wasn’t a problem, but on the stress scale, I am off the top. (That is another article).  We have had 2 kids in college. One graduated in May and the other expects to graduate in Dec. In the last year or more, my weight has gone up monthly.


We all know the risks of being over weight. They include increasing risk of heart disease, diabetes, GERD, bowel problems, breathing problems, joint problems, just to name a few issues. It is very important to maintain a healthy weight, if you want to live long and be healthy.


I have tried diets, diet aids, cutting back, promises to exercise…. And the weight was still going up. I am not fat, but I am getting there, fast. What do I do to stop this?


I have a reasonable diet. Breakfast is a home made natural laxative spread on flax seed bread. Lunch is peanut butter, cashew butter or almond butter (raw if I can get it) with home made low sugar jam on whole wheat fiber one bread. I snack on fresh veggies, apples or other fruit. Dinner is a large salad, chicken 1-2x week, fish 1x week, lots of vegetables, occasional potatoes or pasta. I have an occasional piece of chocolate. I do drink coffee (mostly decaf) with cream and agave (natural, low GI sweetener). I drink lots of water, some place between 70-100 ounces per day. About half of the foods are organic. I am adding more free range chicken, turkey, (beef for husband) to the diet. This year I was able to join a local CSA (consumer supported agriculture) farm for fabulous vegetables. I have an herb garden and through in a few vegetables of my own.


I believe in cleaning. I have done several throughout the years. Since January 09, I have done 4 gall bladder flushes. I am currently doing a kidney cleanse. Our bodies are full of toxins. We eat food that has been sprayed with pesticides. Meats are loaded with chemicals, hormones, antibiotics. We breathe in polluted air. Our water is less than pure. We take medications (prescribed and over the counter). The body can’t get rid of everything through the bowels. The fat cells store the toxins. Our liver get clod up as does the gall bladder.  The kidneys are another filtering organ. They need to be clean. Yet, while I am doing these things, I was gaining weight.


Last month, I started adding a new product to my food. It is guaranteed to help you lose weight.




I want to give this another couple of weeks to make sure that it is working for me. If this weight loss continues, I will be back with more information about the products an how to get them.


Stay tuned……..