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Why Do This Blog Anyway?

Why am I doing this blog? Good question. I am stepping out into the world of the web. The information that I have can be very useful to anyone looking for better health, and spiritual development. In this blog, you will find information about good health care from a wholistic nursing point of view. You will also find information about subtle energy healing, energy fields, how to clear, and balance and ground yourself among other things. We will see what comes up. Material I put on these pages will eventually become Tip Sheets and a book. This forum is my testing ground.

About Mary Pat FitzGibbons. It’s a big topic, talking about yourself, try it sometime. The thing is, anything I say, really isn’t me, it is just an aspect of me in a particular sandbox that I have chosen to play. More about that later. Currently I am working as an RN in home care (visiting nurse) with a south central Ohio healthcare system. I have been an RN for 35 years (and LPN and nurses aid before that). My hospital experience has been primarily in CCU/ICU. I am racking up the years in home care, including home IV therapy, hospice and regular home care. I also have a number of years in supervisory and management. Also, I have company HEALTHWORKS where I have a private subtle energy healing practice. I also teach a variety of topics in subtle energy healing. The modalities that I am trained in and I use are Barbara Brennan Healing Science, Healing Touch, Usui Reiki. All my training, as needed, comes to the fore, when I am assisting a client or patient to self heal.

Self Healing…. what could that mean. All healing is self healing. When we are clear, balanced, grounded, we realize our perfect wholeness. When we are out of balance, hanging on to old stuff, angry, depressed etc. and so forth, we have forgotten our true nature, forgotten our wholeness and we experience some form of dis-ease. All healing is self healing. If one goes to a medical doctor, s/he uses medicines, therapies to help the patient return to health. If one goes to a surgeon, s/he uses the operating room as healing space to remove tumors, repair dis-eased parts, so that the patient may heal themself. A psychiatrist uses the couch and talk therapy to create a healing space so that a patient may discover who they are and heal themself. A chiropractor uses their hands or instruments to adjust the spine and create a healing space from this perspective. The body is very smart, it always strives to return to health. As an energy “healer”, I create a healing space, place my hands on the body, run universal energy to clear, balance and charge the clients energy field. Whe the energy field is holding perfection, the body can follow. The field is the pattern for the body. I also work with the client’s thoughts and emotions as they will patterns in the field that may not be condusive to joy, happiness, harmony and bliss.

The premise I opperate from is that I am 100% responsible for my life. We are all 100% responsible for the life we are experiencing at any time. This could be a little hard to swallow, without judgement, let that sit there and incubate. There could be many arguments against this premise. I have used many of them. As long as you are in blame, you can not change your life. If I choose blame, then I turf the problem and the solution to you. You can’t solve my problem for me, because it isn’t your problem. When I take responsibility, I take back the problem and I am in control of the solution.

This forum is the result of my journey, my remembering who I really am. You will get glimpse of this as I write. Feel free to use what I suggest in your own journey, what you don’t need, just leave.

I will attempt to write a weekly post (at least) on the above subjects and whatever comes to heart and mind. My prayer is that you will be empowered through reading this blog.

As always, if you need medical advice, get it. Get the information you need, do your homework and be prepared when you see the doctor or practitioner of your choosing.

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Congratulations, Mary Pat from a fellow IIMER, Karen Belyan. I love the BLOG – so personal, to the point and honest. I trust you and would like to know more. Thanks for being such an example.

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